12 year old white chick with an afro and Kick Ass Attitude Glasses.
Loose jeans and black t-shirt with leather jacket. Army combat boots.
Duffel bag slung over my shoulder.

Name: Gracie
Race: Human
Class: Face
Alignment: Chaotic good
XP: 4
Money: 11,677
Credstick – Certified – $500
Rank: Novice
Essence: 6
Age: 12
Reputation: 0
Lifestyle: Low (Paid for 1 month)
Doc Wagon Contract : Basic

Bennies 5 : 3 + 1(Human) + 1(Young)
Charisma 4 : 0 + 2(Charisma) + 2(Attractive)
Pace 6
Parry 2
Toughness 7/9 = 5 + armor = 2 + Armor + 1/2 * Vigor = 2 + 2/4 + 1/2*6

Contacts - Level 3 : Bradley – Decker Level 2 : Fixer – Uncle Bob – Sometimes lets me stay with him, but still charges me rent. Level 1 : Mr. Johnson
Gear - Common Gear: Ordinary Clothing, Small Duffelbag, Binoculars Magnification, Portable Phone (Comlink) (like a smartphone, has a camera), Small Flashlight, Lighter, 1 Food Bar

Range Damage Weight Ammo Conceability
Streetline Special 5/10/20 2d6+1 2 6 -4 = -2 -2 (Conceable Holster)
(Holdout Pistol w/Conceable Holster)
Spare Clips : 2
Knife: Str+d4
Armor: Form Fitting, Half Suit 2/4 (Conceable)
Medkit : 5-6 uses
Trama Patch
3 Stimulant Patch Rating 3

Attributes (3) - Agility d4 Smarts d4 Spirit d8 (d8 Required for Charisma and Elan) Strength d4 Vigor d6 (d6 Required for Attractive)
Skills (10 & 5 Knowledge Points) - Persuasion d8 + Charisma(4) Streetwise d6 Disguise d4 Etiquette d4 Intimidation d4 <→s item – Cheap fake pearl necklace

4) Life Events
Romantic Involvement
How did it pan out for ya? Happily Ever After
4 Decker from page 21 – Level 3 Contact – NonSexual relationship
Male – Bradley – Roommate 27
When we are not working we do everything together.
He tries to get me to quit working, but I need to make more money.

Notes -

Intimidation – Test of Will
The defender uses Smarts to resist Taunt, and Spirit to resist Intimidation. A success means the attacker gets a +2 bonus to his next action against the defender during this combat. A raise on the roll gives the attacker the bonus and makes the defender Shaken as well.

Future Potential Edges
– Luck
– Great Luck
– Very Attractive – +4 to Charisma instead of +2 from Attractive

Benny Rules for Savage World of Shadowrun
Only a Flesh Wound – Once per session the player can burn a benny to lower the damage they have taken by 1 degree. This must be used immediately after being injured.
Go for Broke – You can burn a benny once per session on one roll (that isn’t damage). You roll 6d6’s (which can Ace). Choose the highest rolling die as your outcome.
I Ain’t Dead Yet – Once per game session you can burn a benny to not die. You are at wounds -3, and unconscious. You do not need to roll on the Incapacitation table.
Just because you live however doesn’t make you safe. This is a whole out of the frying pan and into the fire type situation.
Reroll – Reroll one check