Five Boroughs of NYC

This is the heart and soul of NYC. The best jobs, equipment, facilities, corporations, and lifestyles can found here.

Queens was hit worst by the earthquake of 2005. The property damage was so bad, that it was deemed uninhabitable and evacuated. Even when the megacorps began rebuilding Manhattan and pushing out the savages and street gangs, they left Queens to its fate. Now home to the unlucky, the violent, and other such dregs of society, Queens is a wasteland of violence and blood, where the noise gunfights and motorcycle are heard nightly.

Only the two vital airports John F. Kennedy Airport and LeGuardia
Airport have been rebuilt. JFK is now a CAS military base. LeGuardia is still an airport for travel to NYC. Passengers can either take helicopter, air taxi, armored bus, or the tram to NYC.

Staten Island
Where do you put all the criminals that have been rounded up during the reconstruction of NYC? What about all the criminals that are sure to be caught in the future? These questions were answered with the building of the state of the art Staten Island Correctional and Labor Facility.

The whole island is a walled-off fortress that holds over one million inmates who are a great source of cheap labor, and unbeknownst to the world, also used in illegal medical and genetic modification testing.

While Brooklyn sustained heavy damage from the earthquake, it was rebuilt and now houses many construction facilities and manufacturing plants. It is one of the most prominent sources of industry in the CAS.

Much of Bronx withstood the earthquake of 2005 and now serves as residential and lower end commerce for those who cannot afford to live in Manhattan. Wage slaves either work in the Bronx or commute to Brooklyn or Manhattan. It is ironic that the Bronx was the least damaged by the earthquake, because it took the heaviest blow with the Awakening in 2011. Both the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens erupted with strange and terrifying creatures and flora that has reclaimed and populated a decent area of the borough.

Five Boroughs of NYC

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