Prominent Neighborhoods of NYC

Bowery- The Bowery is a lower income area that houses many seedy apartment complexes, coffin motels, and flop houses. Graffiti and garbage constantly line the streets as suped up motorcycles and sports cars whiz down the thoroughfare.

Central Park- While people sojourn to Central Park to relax and commune with nature, the park is home to dangerous and strange awakened creatures. Thrill gangs, organleggers, and a variety of other sickos hide out in the park seeking easy prey. Only the crazy and suicidal go into the park at night.

Chelsea and the Meat Packing District- These two neighborhoods suffered heavy damage during the great earthquake and never really recovered. While some attempts were made to rebuild, the lawlessness, street gangs, and lack of enterprise in the area prior too the earthquake led to little interest by the corporations.

Chinatown- While the Yakuza owns most of Chinatown, the Seoulpa Rings engage in acts of open violence in an attempt to gain territory and thwart their enemy.

Civic Center- This area houses the New York City courthouses, short term prisoner detainment cells (for where they stay to stand trial and be released or sent to Staten Island Prison), and the NYPD, Inc. corporate center.

Garment District- What is New York without flashy fashion and chic attitude? Once reconstruction was complete on this
neighborhood fashion designers from all over the world heard the digital call to return and make the Garment District live again (probably because Ares Macrotechnology spent millions of nuyen on advertising).

Greenwich Village- Greenwich Village has some low to moderate housing, decent hotels, and a few coffin hotels. What makes Greenwich Village of interest is the New York City megamall- a semi-arcology that allows people to shop until they drop. With spas, hotels, gyms, body mod parlors, shops (both general and specialized), pleasure dens, eateries, and bars one may never want to leave.

Hell’s Kitchen- Hell’s Kitchen has become a haven to troll and ork gangers. Turf fights erupt between these gangs constantly. Hell’s Kitchen is also the place to get decent real food at reasonable prices.
Little Italy

Midtown- Home to Manhattan, Inc. and other corporate high rises and arcologies. Only area of New York where a citizen’s pass is required. Whole area is walled of with a 12ft razorwire fence.

Roosevelt Island- The megacorps leveled all over Roosevelt Island and built an arcology that encompasses the whole island. This gigantic monstrosity houses all CAS government officials, employees, workers, and even foreign dignitaries.

SoHo- Home to fantastic art shops, clubs, eateries, and other forms of decadent entertainment. SoHo has become the Red Light
District of NYC. The rich and elite come here (heavily armed and guarded, of course) when they want to feel the excitement of “slumming it.”

Theater District- Everyone needs entertainment and the thrilling plays of Broadway are only happy to provide. Using cutting edge technology, the playhouses combine an interactive experience using Simsense and real life activity.

Upper East Side and Upper West Side- Not to be left to dust and memory the rich and affluent made sure that the Upper East and West Sides were reconstructed to a grandiose level that it is indecent. The arcology and high rises all pierce the smog and pollution, allowing the truly reach to see the sun and blue skies.

Wall Street- With the fall of NYC Wall Street became the territory of the Bad Bloods gang, who used the buildings and ruins as funhouses and gauntlets of torture and mayhem. When the megacorporations moved to reclaim NYC, some of the most difficult and gruesome battles were fought for this territory. Once Wall Street was rebuilt the Stock Exchange moved back to NYC. Top of the line security features, privately armed mercs, and heightened facial recognition software are all found in the capital of the money making world.

West Village- Even after all the chaos and destruction the West Village has still managed to hold on to its reputation as a place of the bohemian lifestyle. Whether by choice or not, many of the artists, musicians, and technical savants here are starving and barely scrapping by.

Prominent Neighborhoods of NYC

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