Reputation: 3
Experience: 15
Rank: Novice
Currency: 500 nuyen

Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d10
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Secondary Attributes
Charisma: +2 (Attractive- Elf)
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 6/8 (Flack jacket) (4 unarmored)

Driving (Agility): d8
Fighting (Agility): d4
Intimidation (Spirit): d4
Notice (Smarts): d4
Shooting (Agility): d6
Sorcery (Spirit): d12
Stealth (Agility): d6
Streetwise (Smarts): d6

Knowledge Skills
Club Hot Spots: d6
Magic: d4
Gangs of NYC: d4
Supernatural Critters of NYC: d4

SINner (Minor)
Arcane Beacon (Minor)
Enemy (Major)

Arcane Background (Magician)
Spell Focus (+2 to Summon Elemental)
Power (Blind)

Summon Elemental (pg 11, SR HACK)- Spell Rank Veteran TN 4 + 8 (+2 to rolls for Spell Focus)
Detect/Conceal Arcana (pg 111, SWDX)- Spell Rank Novice TN 4 + 0
Barrier (pg 109, SWDX)- Spell Rank Seasoned TN 4 + 4
Bolt (pg 110, SWDX)- Spell Rank Novice TN 4 + 0
Blind (pg 109, SWDX)- Spell Rank Novice TN 4 + 0

Level 1 contact- Fellow gang member- Asian American decent- human
Level 1 contact- Street Shaman- African American decent- troll

Flack Jacket (2/4)

Combat Knife
Damage: Str+d4

Combat Axe
Damage: Str+d6

Ares Predator
Smartlinked (internal) to smart goggles (+1 to shooting)
Range: 15/30/60; Damage- 2d8; ROF- 1; Shots- 15; Notes- AP 2, semi-auto

Fichetti Security 500a Burst Light Pistol
Range: 12/24/48; Damage- 2d6; ROF- 1-3; Shots- 22; Notes- AP 1, semi-auto

Ares Predator- 2 clips
Fichetti Security 500 a- 2 clips

Certified Cred Stick- 1,000 Nuyen
Certified Cred Stick- 200 Nuyen
Smart Goggles (+1 to shooting)
External Smartlink
Docwagon Basic contract

T9-16 Speedbike
Acc: 20 Top Speed: 35
Toughness: 9 (4)
Crew: 1+1
Handling +1 to Drive tests

Lifestyle: Low (2,000 a month- five months)


Name: Edge
Race: Elf
Profession: Street Thug- combat mage

Life Events (Using SR HACK)
Clothing: Biker leather
Hair: Punked out- bubblegum pink
Affections: Interesting piercings
Origins: Asian decent
Age: 22

Family History and Background
Family Ranking: Street urchins
Parents: Parents were killed in crossfire of gang violence
Family Status: Parents killed by gang violence, adopted by gangers
Environment: Grew up in gang warzone
Siblings: Only child

Life Path (Motivations)
Personality Traits: Quick to anger and pugnacious
Person You Value Most: Myself
What You Value Most: I just want to have fun!
How You Feel About Most People: I hate most people
Most Valued Possession: Weapon from a dead enemy

Life Events
Age 17: Romantic Involvement
• Happily Ever after
Age 18: Romantic Involvement
Age 19: Friends and Enemies
• Enemy- Male police officer
• I spurned his advances- tried to rape me
• We hate each other
• We attempt to kill each other right then and there
• He has a gang of loyal crooked cops at his back
Age 20: Romantic Involvement
Age 21: Shadowrun Highs and Lows
• Oh you REALLY like me- made a level three contact- a fixer
Age 22: Had a Boring Year